Earn your PhD in Religious Studies

The doctoral program in the Department of Religious Studies trains students to become advanced practitioners of the study of religion—researchers, scholars, teachers, and facilitators of informed public discourse.

It can prepare a person to become a college professor or to bring a nuanced, critical understanding of religion and its influences to such careers as medicine, nursing, law, diplomacy, ministry, social advocacy, journalism, counseling, and informatics.

It is the expectation that PhD students will complete their studies in six years (five for those who come into the program with an MA and transfer credit).

For additional information on the PhD program, including requirements, see the PhD degree program book.

Gwendolyn Gillson presenting at the American Academy of Religion Conference, Nov 2019
Gwendolyn Gillson presenting at the American Academy of Religion Conference, November 2019

Departmental documents and forms for the PhD

*Graduate College forms to be completed by departmental administrator and advisor

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For specific inquiries about the PhD program, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies:

Portrait of Jenna Supp-Montgomerie

Jenna Supp-Montgomerie

Associate Professor