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 Religious studies is an invaluable aspect of a liberal arts education. The Department of Religious Studies helps students gain competence in global religious diversity, which is essential for successful interactions with others in daily life and in the modern workplace, at home or abroad. 

A degree in religious studies is often added as a second major to enhance students’ education and training—by stimulating their curiosity, expanding their imaginations, deepening their thinking, and helping them to better understand themselves and other people.

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Undergraduate Programs

The major in religious studies enables students to gain cultural competence and develop critical skills necessary for living in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. A degree in religious studies is often added as a second major or a minor to enhance students’ education and training in graduate and professional programs, including medical, business, legal, teaching, and research disciplines.

Courses in religious studies help students gain competency in global religious diversity by:

  • Understanding key religious ideas and major traditions
  • Learning critical approaches to interpreting historical events
  • Gaining essential analytical writing and reading skills and cross-cultural communication strategies
  • Applying new knowledge and analytical skills to explain the role of religion in societies
  • Developing practical skills to function well in diverse societies and a globalized world
  • Employing technologies to interpret ancient texts, images, artifacts, and study output of new tools including radio, television, and digital media

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Diana Fritz Cates is a Professor in Religious Ethics and is a Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Diana Fritz Cates

Director of Undergraduate Studies