Add a Minor in Religious Studies

The undergraduate minor in religious studies requires a minimum of 15 semester hours in religious studies courses, including 12 semester hours in courses taken at the University of Iowa. Students may count up to three semester hours of transfer credit toward the minor with approval of the department’s undergraduate committee. All students must maintain a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of at least 2.00 in all departmental and UI courses for the minor. Coursework for the minor cannot be taken pass/nonpass.

Students must take one course from at least three different core areas for a total of nine semester hours. The remaining six semester hours may be taken from any of the five core areas or from the list of elective courses. At least one three-semester hour course must be at 3000 level or above.

Required coursework

One course from three of the following different areas (nine semester hours):

  • Social Justice, Equity, Inclusion, and Religion
  • Religion in History
  • Religion in Global Context
  • Religion, Values, and Culture
  • Special Topics and Current Events

Two courses from any core area or the list of elective courses (six semester hours)

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For the list of courses that fulfill the previous requirements, see the Minor in Religious Studies requirements on the general catalog.

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